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Here is one of the first comments on the final edition of my book on 9/11thology:


My opinion on 'The Third Truth about 9/11'.


I was given the opportunity to read a 'pre-release' version of Dimitri's book, titled 'The Third Truth about 9/11' about a week prior to the final edition. It came to me through personal mutual acquaintance. I have yet to meet Dimitri and I have no financial interest in his product. This is pretty obvious as he is giving his life's work away for free.


During the week that I read the book, at a rate of about 200 pages a day, I alternately cursed him and held him in high esteem. The cursing was all about my lost time for other activities. I had a real challenge putting it down and had other obligations that needed to be met. Now a little about the admiration.


I am considerably older than Dimitri and have a wealth of life-experience that spans the globe. I also have a well-honed bull-shit detector. Here is what I didn't like about his writings.


Dimitri professes to be a Christian and I'm not big on any organized religion. In my opinion it's just another box that one locks one's world view, primarily in an effort to explain the obviously un-explainable. It may be a higher box in some regards, but it's a box. Freedom doesn't have boxes. However, that's just my opinion, and Lord knows I may be quite wrong. Having said that, I don't think his religion has effected his analytic skills and his encyclopedic mind. Maybe it's even contributed to it.


At the end of each day of reading, after I got over my frustration of not make money on other projects, I was in total awe at his logic, his knowledge base, his un-hysterical approach and his wealth of supporting evidence. His is not a story of another story, it's a story of 'been there and done that'. I live in S.E. Asia, as does Dimitri, and am familiar with a number of locations he talks about. He's the real thing and his writing is doubly commendable as he is a Russian and not a native English speaker.


I've read many Ph.D. theses as editing is what I do for a living. His book is deeper and more authoritative than most of the papers I have edited for Ph.D. candidates. I know he received an education whilst in the Russian army, but his analysis indicates to me he is highly self-educated and skeptical in the best sense of the word. I would attribute his hard nose realism to Russian military training.


I'm not going to tell you 'The butler did it', and Dimitri won't tell you that either, but he will take you down a profound and complex rabbit hole in a very understandable and readable manner. He respects his readers intelligence enough to let them draw their own conclusions.


Dimitri makes other '9/11 knowledgeable' people look like useful idiots, sometime called 'kites' by the intelligence community. If you have an open mind, Dimitri will open it further, perhaps more that you could imagine. Be prepared to have your kite string cut.


Damn good work Dimitri and I look forward to meeting you some day. Via con Dios.


My name is Ken and I can be reached at

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